See here several testimonials from people who have already experienced the inspirational speeches, strategic lectures, seminars, training workshops, coaching and consulting services developed by Fabio Marques!

These are just a few of the thousands of spontaneous testimonials from our clients. We never offer any prize or reward in exchange for somebody’s nice words. For us, the best reward we can offer is our utmost commitment to Excellence in Services.

“Fabio Marques is an expert in coaching executives for effective presentations. I have learned a structured methodology to create and deliver presentations with a logical flow, taking into account audience expectations, delivering a consistent message and ensuring continuous attention. 

Thank you very much, Fabio. Great Job!”

Carlos Orbegozo

General Manager – México

“Excellence, integrity, and creativity are always a hallmark of what Fabio does, whether pitching a new idea to half a dozen colleagues, or on stage inspiring and motivating hundreds of participants in a conference. In nearly 25 years in the corporate world, I have seldom seen anyone as creative, eloquent, dedicated and competent. In the back room, he is a brilliant strategist, creator, writer. In front of an audience, he is the consummate speaker, leader, role model, inspirer. I have worked with and have friends who are professional actors. Precious few can bring life to a story or creatively add meaning to an illustration or concept the way Fabio does. And he is able to do this with a natural, easy going style that tends to win everybody to become a friend or collaborator. He is one of the best teambuilders I’ve seen.

Adalton C. Caram


“Excellent content. Exciting presentation. Exceeded our expectations!”

Fabio Salik

General Manager – Logoplaste – Brazil

“Fabio Marques has been an active person inside Localiza’s events for a long time and has proven to be a great team motivator. His serious work and results were presented not only to employees and franchisees of the company, but also to an extensive series of lectures addressed to our Customers. To Fabio, the merit of the success of the events we held with his presence and our thanks for offering Localiza’s staff and clients excellent content. Thank you!”

Antônio Cláudio Rezende
Vice President – Localiza Rent a Car

The work developed by Fabio Marques Company is outstanding! 

It is surprising how Fabio immerses himself in the projects and challenges proposed to him. His dedication and commitment are exceptional!

Schneider has a major challenge for transforming our culture, to be totally Customer Focused, being a Complete Solution provider that adds value to the customer. Fabio is acting as an essencial agent of this transformation. His constant enthusiasm and optimism encourage our employees to believe in this change, that we are capable of. His management experience and interpersonal skills help tremendously in this process.

Fabio has been conducting Leadership-Coaching workshops to our entire management team, training our Sales Teams on Sales Force Effectiveness and educating our Customer Care organizations on Customer Centric behavioral techniques, delivering outstanding lectures and seminars which already have more than 750 participants, in addition to essential participation in strategic events of our business units. The results are clear: understanding the methodologies, motivation on the part of the participants and total credibility on the part of the Management.

We are very pleased with the partnership we have established with Fabio Marques Company. Undoubtedly, Fabio is a transformation agent at Schneider Electric. It makes the difference!”

Daniele Miranda
Schneider Electric | Global Human Resources
BRASIL | L&D Solutions Expert Cluster South America

“It is very important for anyone – and for any company – to adopt the principles of motivation and growth that Fabio Marques conveys in his lectures. His tips and ideas are directed so that we can get to know ourselves, evaluate our own habits and behaviors and adopt an optimistic approach towards real success. A motivated individual ends up positively infecting everyone around him, contributing to the good performance of his groups, his career and the company where he works.
With good humor, charisma and dynamism, Fabio Marques manages to capture the public’s attention and convey important concepts for the personal and professional development of the participants. It is worth taking part in these lectures and, above all, putting into practice the ideas and guidelines conveyed. “

Ricard Akagawa
President – Tunibra Travel

“I found the experience to be amazing all the 3 times attending to Fabio Marques’ speeches. It is always a fantastic experience. He has the gift of involving and motivating any audience, of enchanting any child, of blooming something that seems to be sleeping inside each one of us. Having Fabio as a speaker at our company’s events was one of our greatest decisions, that promoted the rebirth of the will to do within each employee. “

Paula Válio

“My impression of Fabio was the best possible, I really felt his high degree of professionalism, his great knowledge of the situations and moments that we are living both in Brazil and in other countries. He thinks globally but also know how to focus down to a region, Which makes us see that we all have behavioral or cultural differences and that it is up to us to identify them and apply excellence!”

Gilberto José Alarcon
Dow Quimica S/A

“Such an amazing training! It amplified our vision an motivation. It has helped me to rescue clients who were not loyal, gave me ideas. I will certainly be able to retain more clients and identify their goals, increasing my assertiveness and satisfaction of our customers.”

Maioí Bacca

“Our company, like many others, has faced a lot of difficulties since last year. At our end-of-year meeting, we looked for a speaker who would inspire our team to face the challenges ahead and view them as an opportunity for growth. Fabio delivered an outstanding presentation. The team left the room motivated and delighted, with endless words of recognition to Fabio’s work, which was indeed impecable, with top content and the right amount of energy – a first class show, result of years of study and careful preparation! Fabio Marques works with seriousness and passion, with a great sense of humor so that the result of his work is excellent! “

Robert Macody Lund
President – NEI Soluções 

” La metodología usada es útil al usar presentaciones ya realizadas y hacer correciones sobre la marcha. La técnica aprendida es fácil de recordar y crea alto impacto en la presentación. Los temas aprendidos son puestos en práctica en el mismo entrenamiento. Los temas cubiertos son a medida de la necesidad del alumno y cubren todas las expectativas. El entrenamiento es muy bueno por su metodología y Fabio Marques conoce a fondo el tema generando confiança. “

Esteban Serrano
Head of Sub-Region VECO (Venezuela, Equador, Colombia)
MERCK Milipore

” Fabio, gracias por tratar mis puntos de mejora en una forma tan profesional y amigable. Es grato ver como rapidamente cambia mi punto de vista sobre el tema ‘PRESENTACIONES’. Gracias tambien por cada uno de los tips que me brindaste, y espero con ansias poder demostrar todo lo aprendido. Nos vemos pronto. Felicitaciones! “

Fernando Bertora
Head of Sub-Region BAPU (Bolívia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay)
MERCK Milipore

“Very good, with success stories and clear how to apply technical techniques in our day to day and undoubtedly can help me to have better professional and personal results.”

Sydmario Albuquerque da Silva

“In my opinion it was one of the best lectures I’ve ever seen in my life and I’m sure that from now on my life and that of many others who have participated will change and with great success. Thank you for being part of my life and my success.”

Carlos Roberto Luiz

“Note 1000. Simply the best! Great value for humanity. A light on our path. Congratulations!”

Heliana Ap. Giovanassi

“Wonderful, enthusiastic, I felt renewed at the end of the talk and with the certainty that I have much to learn and that life is amazing.”

Cristiane de Andrade

“This training was great, one of the best I’ve ever participated in, I just loved it and will take a lot of learning from this talk. Congratulations to everyone who has held this event and especially to Fábio Marques.”

Pamela Albuquerque do Nascimento

“It is a very productive, dynamic, lively talk, and the essential thing is that it awakens the best in us and makes us feel very confident in ourselves, a flawless speech.”

Bruna Palácio de Oliveira


Jessica Moreira da Silva

“Wonderful, contagious and motivating speaker, the best!”

Adriana Veiga

“Very productive. There was an excellent teaching-learning process, and it was a very didactic moment that contributed to capture as much information as possible.”

Regis Rafael Souza

“Fantastic! Very much needed at this time for me. I needed to hear what was said, I did not think I would find answers here.”

Cíntia Miquelin

“Excellent, perhaps the most striking of all, by the memorable atmosphere. Dedication and impressive focus on every day, from the staff and especially from the speaker.”

Marcio Kauffman

“Well, I liked the lecture very much, because it encouraged us not to give in. The speaker dominates the subject and knows how to get the audience’s attention.”

Noemi C. Pereira

“A great seminar, which leads us to always check the points where we can improve. A constant search for personal and professional growth, well-placed concepts, targeted and elaborated, gives us a clear and objective view of what I need to look for every day.”

Leonardo Rodrigues Osório

“It’s amazing, great content, motivating and inspiring too. Made me think about my past, present and future. Fábio is great, super high-spirited, relaxed, lively and charismatic … A great speaker!”

Douglas Normandio

“Dynamic, intelligent and highly effective.”

Aparecida Lima Silva

“Motivating and compelling at strategic points for professional growth.”

Vanessa Saito