If you want to finally achieve Real Customer Loyalty, Increase Sales and Profits continually, enhance productivity and build a strong positive attitude among your teams, we put at your disposal a complete line of solutions in Organizational Management, Training and People Development, helping your company to gain a prominent position in the market.

We believe CLIENT CENTRIC MANAGEMENT is KEY to achieve Excellence in Leadership, Excellence in Sales, Excellence in Services and, therefore, EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS.

From strategic and tactical management to education and training across the entire work force, we offer services that promote results, long-lasting results:

  1. Implementation and development of the Customer Centric Culture that leads to Excellence in Services that leads to True Added Value to all stakeholders.
  2. Identification of Operational Success Factors (OSF).
  3. Identification of the “Moments of Truth” that directly influence the clients’ perception of the organization and its classification in Service Points (Organized and Recurring Moments of Truth) and Flash Points (Unforeseen and Unpredictable Moments of Truth).
  4. Definition of Excellence Patterns and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  5. Development and coordination of Organizational Climate Surveys.
  6. Development and coordination of Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
  7. Revision / Elaboration of Quality Policies: Vision, Mission and Organizational Values.
  8. Training and Development Projects.
  9. Competency Plans.
  10. Performance Appraisal Projects.
  11. Integrated Professional Evolution Programs.
  12. Leadership Development Programs.
  13. Train-the-Trainer programs to develop in-house Facilitators of Excellence.
  14. Business Development & Consultative Selling Programs.
  15. Tailored Training Content Development.
  16. Translation / Adaptation of International Training Programs.
  17. Revision / Writing of Promotional Texts and Business Letters to Customers.
  18. Executive Coaching Programs.
  19. Mediation of Strategic Meetings.
  20. IES 2020 Certification of Excellence projects.

If your teams need to implement or improve processes and behaviors in pursuit of excellence, we can really help you achieve practical and long-lasting results.

If you like the idea of transforming your organization into a reference on Customer Service Excellence, High Performance and one of the Best Places to Work, contact us.

Everything will be tailor-made to ensure that you know, in real life, all the benefits of belonging to the group of those who Live Intentionally for Excellence every day!

IES 2020 Certification of Excellence

Take our exciting, structured and safe path for talent development and organizational management. Establish a Client Centric Culture and achieve extraordinary levels of quality in Customer Services and Sales, achieving the IES 2020 Certification of Business Excellence approved by the International Excellence Society, improving Market Share, Business Performance and Profitability.

The Consulting Projects are developed in periods of 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months, according to the volume of people and organizational units involved!

Contact us for more details and be ready to make a difference!

With the IES 2020 CERTIFICATION of EXCELLENCE you can prove to the market that your company is different, extraordinarily different!

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